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Sending a payment may seem simple, but it’s actually a complex process complex. You need to know who and where to pay, how much, and what for. Corporate payouts can take over 20 steps, and you lose control once the payment leaves your account. There are many intermediaries, and you can’t be certain if it will reach the correct person. Payment issues are common due to formatting errors, account issues, and missing data. Obtaining and updating recipient bank information is challenging, and traditional methods like cheques are inconvenient and expensive.

We’re using Distributed Ledger Technology and Digital Money to simplify payments by allowing you to easily program the payment flow using our no-code platform. You can set predefined conditions for the release of funds, and control the funds until all conditions are met. Blockchain also allows us to create mini-escrow relationships that govern the payment process, eliminating the need for traditional escrow accounts and intermediaries.
Within our product – PayEngage – we’re giving you two powerful tools that use the payout collection process as the beneficiary engagement point – the Customer Engagement Portal and Mobile Wallet. Both are tailor-made and will include your branding.

You can use them as an additional marketing channel, driving engagement and boosting sales with campaigns, newsletters, surveys and powerful calls to action.

You can also allow your clients, workers and partners to submit the proof of task execution through PayEngage. Our engine will use AI to validate the data, image or invoice and request your approval to pay.
Our solutions use DLT Cash. DLT Cash is a form of digital money that is tokenized on the blockchain.

Blockchain technology provides a secure and transparent way of tokenizing fiat currencies. This allows for greater flexibility and control over how payments are made, without compromising on compliance with existing regulations.

Through our partnerships with UK and EU licensed e-money issuers, we can tokenize almost any currency. Our DLT cash hovewer is not crypto or a stablecoin. It is just like traditional fiat currency, fully fungible and compliant with existing e-money regulations.

Client funds are held in safeguarding accounts, ensuring their value is protected from price fluctuations.
With DLT Cash, you can send payments in real time and give the recipient control over how they want to receive money. It’s simple – you just need your recipient’s mobile phone number and he or she may choose to collect the payment to a bank account, digital wallet or even withdraw the cash at the ATM.
We’re using the Unified Enterprise DLT System developed by Billon Group. It’s unique architecture guarantees security, scalability, high performance and cost and energy efficiency.

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