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Unlock new business opportunities and streamline complex payouts with OneStep’s programmable payments platform

The future of payments is here

Deliver a step-change
in digital engagement and operational control​

Embed instant payments into your digital channels and simplify the entire incentive process using programmable money and cutting-edge AI technology.

Reduce hidden costs​

Automate payment rules to cut back 90% of the cost that lies in the who, what, why and how steps of a payout​

Take control over your money​

Remove intermediaries and streamline the payment process to reduce up to 50% of the hidden costs and fees.​

Boost engagement​

Embed programmable payments and task triggers into existing consumer experience to drive engagement, productivity and additional sales potential.​


Save money. Streamline your business operations. WOW your clients and workers. PayEngage is a first platform that leverages cutting-edge digital money and AI technology to program payments and drive engagement and productivity
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Programmable Payments Manager​

Smart Digital Money account. Program your payouts with conditions and triggers​

Customer Engagement Portal​

Use payout collection process to drive recipient’s engagement, productivity, loyalty and boost sales ​

Mobile Wallet​

Embed financial services into your clients` experience to create new engagement opportunities

Unlock Tangible Results ​

Designed to solve the complexities of mass payouts, PayEngage is smart and delivers benefits for both sides of the payment transaction – for the corporate and the recipient
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More Profits
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More Engagement

Selected industries we work with​​

Consumer & Trade Incentives

0 %
of consumers would switch brands for a cash incentive

Supercharge engagement and ROI with instant payments linked to automated task confirmation

Sustainability Incentives

0 %
of consumers like cash for deposit return schemes

Give consumers a choice – cash out rewards or engage with your sustainability propositions

Productivity Incentives

0 %
of temporary workers would choose a job that pays daily

Simplify onboarding and automate task verification to make you the employer of choice for gig economy and cross-border workers

Cutting-edge solutions for gig economy payments​

Traditional banking systems cannot handle small gig-economy type payouts. The problem

169 million crossborder workers,
73.3 million freelancers in USA / 2023
– Statista

20-30% of the workforce in the USA and the EU-15 is part of the gig economy: that’s up to 162 million working-age people – McKinsey
The gig economy in the UK accounts for 4.7 million workers and doubled in size between 2016 and 2019 – The Guardian


Unleash the power of programmable payments and AI


Our Mission

We strive to deliver a 25% improvement in ROI by embedding instant incentives into clients’ digital channels and clean up the back-office mess!

Our Team

We assembled a team of passionate experts whose mission is to harness the power of latest innovations in digital money and financial technology to transform the world of complex corporate payouts

David Putts

David Putts

Co-Founder, CEO

Claire Conby

Claire Conby

Co-Founder, CRO

Dominika Duziak

Dominika Duziak

Co-Founder, VP of Product Strategy

Katarzyna Sosin

Katarzyna Sosin

Co-Founder, VP of Product
Implementation & Management

Tomasz Uscinski

Tomasz Uscinski

Co-Founder, VP of Commercial

Michal Pakula

Michal Pakula

Co-Founder, COO

Bhairav Patel

Bhairav Patel


Karina Ananicz

Karina Ananicz

Trade Marketing and E-commerce Expert

Klaudia Babraj

Klaudia Babraj

Chief of Staff

Non-Executive Directors

Jeff Grady

Jeff Grady

Non-Exec Director

Phil Kenworthy

Phil Kenworthy

Non-Exec Director

Our Partners

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