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Programmable Payments Manager​​ User Engagement Portal​ Branded Mobile Wallet

Save money. Streamline your business operations. WOW your clients and workers. PayEngage is a first platform that leverages cutting-edge digital money and AI technology to program payments and drive engagement and productivity

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Programmable Payments Manager

Creation of a smart digital money account that puts you in control

Program your Payouts

Define conditions and triggers to initiate automated payment execution and reduce operational costs and complexity

Create Projects & Campaigns

Monitor and assess incentive payout and collection according to beneficiary, task, project and other parameters to suit your needs

Wow the Beneficiary

Build user experiences on a branded payment platform taking advantage of close to real time payments and engagement tools

Regain control over money

Manage the end to end payout process and capture more value per transaction by removing intermediaries


Embrace Simplicity

Focus on your goals, we’ll build the rest

Easily set up your profiles and payment parameters with a no-code platform that leverages Distributed Ledger Technology through the alignment of data and money

User Engagement Platform

Connect with your payment recipients. Build engagement. Drive brand loyalty.

Build Relationships

Capture critical data easily to enable prompt payment by providing the tools to submit and validate proof of task execution

Maximise Brand Awareness

Incentivise sales teams, partners, customers and recyclers to take action, further enhanced by the User Engagement Platform functionality and cross-selling opportunities

Boost Sales

Incentivize teams, partners, resellers and customers, cross-sell and drive campaigns using Portal as additional sales channel

Seemlessly Embed Financial Services into your Campaign Platform

Enhance the payout and engagement experience by offering branded mobile wallets


Unleash the power of fintech

Drive engagement and build loyalty

Communicate effectively with your beneficiaries; set out the campaign details, present your goals and receive feedback. Establish an ecosystem of relationships that support and respect your brand and vision and encourage others to do the same

Branded Mobile Wallet

Embedded Finance starts here!

Use the Digital Wallet as your Brand Ambassador

Enable direct business to consumer interactions, extending the relationship into meaningful engagement and loyalty

Stimulate cost-efficient business growth and efficiency

Expand your target market, lower your customer acquisition and operational costs, and generate sustainable unit economics with no-code financial services and easy integration

Navigate trends to deliver new opportunities

Combine innovative payment solutions with other digital services to boost client engagement, loyalty and tap into new revenue streams

Offer tailored embedded financial services

Easily add your branding and select features based on your needs


innovation within reach

Harness the power of Fintech

Exploit new financial technology to easily create new experiences and solutions for your customers and users

Hassle-Free Integration

You don’t have to build anything – we’ve got you covered! Our modular ‘no-code’ philosophy is to simplify your access to financial services with easy plug-ins, a set of APIs and CRM/ERP integrations that will get your business to the next level as quickly as possible.

Effortlessy future proof your business with foundational technology that’s powering transition to Web3.0



Look how simple it is to turn incentive payouts into engagement tools