Can digital currencies end financial exclusion?

In the post-pandemic UK economy, why is it that financial exclusion rates are on the rise? Here at the Digital Pound Foundation, we want to start a conversation exploring how we can actively participate in building a more inclusive financial system, how the introduction of a digital Pound can help achieve this, and how we […]

CBDCs and other new forms of digital money: Goodbye privacy and anonymity?

Use of physical cash is declining.  We are witnessing a growing appetite for digital alternatives,  driven not only by private sector innovation, but also by an increasing recognition from central banks and governments of the role to be played by public digital money (namely central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs) in the economy of the […]

The Benefits of a True Risk-Based Approach to Digital Onboarding

Introduction Striving to achieve a robust risk management framework without detriment to the user experience is at the forefront of Billon’s compliance mindset. In my role as Chief Risk Officer, I have to ensure that any new client solutions are developed in alignment with our risk appetite, but at the same time make for an […]

Use cases for a digital Pound

On 7 February 2023 the Bank of England announced a consultation with HM Treasury on a potential digital Pound, or Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Complementing cash, a CBCD could be used by households and businesses for everyday payments (in-store and online) and would be interchangeable with cash and bank deposits. This is not the […]

CBDC: Threat or opportunity?

With myths on digital currencies being a threat to financial freedom dominating social media, Dominika Duziak, of OneStep Financial, explains why government must address this narrative and discuss its advantages. Numerous announcements made at the beginning of 2023 suggest that the era of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) has fully begun. We’re all keeping a […]


Look how simple it is to turn incentive payouts into engagement tools